***** Frozen Sweet is rated 4.33333333333333 out of 5 stars, based on 12 reviews!

  • *****

    This was one of the most amazing dessert experiences I've had in NYC--or anywhere! It was delicious, fresh, and totally unique and fun. I got coconut and peanut butter and other flavors. Enjoy!!! The rolls are my fav.

  • *****

    Unique Ice Cream shop. The flavors are great and the presentation is spectacular.

  • *****

    Loved it!!! Sooooo good

  • *****

    There are definitively better ice cream roll up places around new York but this spot is good enough! The ice cream is good and the rolls are tight, what more do you need ?

  • *****

    Great selection of rich flavors

  • *****

    They make cute rolled ice cream sundaes with fresh fruit and fixings chopped into the ice cream and then rolled with a spatula. They top that with more toppings like Mochi and condensed milk and sprinkles . You can add a toasted marshmallow and a cookie that looks like a teddy bear or a monkey. There are many choices and combinations available. This place is a lot of fun.

  • *****

    I love the sugar cookies you can add to your ice cream rolls here! So far I've seen a panda and a monkey but I've seen hello kitty and emoji faces in their pictures near the cashier. The matcha ice cream base was very good. They also have the standard toppings you can mix in. The only downside is how small it is in there. You can fit about 6 ppl in there at a time.

  • *****

    very different ice cream shop. Beautiful presentation.

  • *****

    Made while you watch, this place serves Thai style ice cream rolls. You get to pick a base (there are vegan options), flavours and toppings. Since it is made on the spot, there is always a bit of a wait, but it is quite cool to watch them make the rolls!

  • *****

    Amazing !!!!!!!!!!! I usually make my own custom rolls which consit of the vanilla base, sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips, and then I top it off with cheesecake and graham crackers and some more condensed milk it's to die for ...

  • *****

    This place is really fun and different! The ice cream is delicious and you can create your own! The staff is really nice as well!

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